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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Its time!

The Indian students were peacefully demonstrating in Melbourne, when the cops out there actually dragged and beat them out. Check out this link from Reuters. Imagine this happening in India for Australian students. Can you imagine?

Somehow the Australian Government is adamant on not labelling the whole issue of abuse as Racial. Understandably, there are far reaching implications, not really beneficial for their nation's image. 

But, in one month or so, there have been 7 incidents already where the victims have been Indians, apparently for no substantial reason. If this is not racial, then what is? One is left wondering...

And now, the brutal behaviour of the Australian cops. 

Lets get this straight! What the hell do these people think they are!

We will wait for few more days and see what is being done to solve the issue. If this does not stop, then there would be a huge campaign in the whole of the Indian Blogging community which would be termed as "Stop Racism. Boycott Oz!"

Let the world witness, "Pen is mightier than the sword". 

The countdown begins now!!! 

All my friends from all over the world, "Are you with me?"

PS. No political speech will pacify the burning souls. We want action! Are you listening, Mr. Rudd?

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Indyeah said...

This is sad to watch..one can hope that some steps will be taken to set things right soon..
the way the students were dragged was not the best sight for the eyes:((

Chiranjib said...


Racial hatred should end right now!!! That's all I can say!!!

preposterous girl said...

yeah u r right.. As an Indian Blogger I'm with u in this capaign against Oz racism..We have to fight back with the power of pen, not like them with screwdivers.. x-(

Chiranjib said...

@preposterous girl


oorjas said...

of course i am with you and all the Indian students who are there already and those who want to go there..

this must stop.

Chiranjib said...


yes madam...