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Monday, June 1, 2009

Racial abuse must end

This is a shame for the world. What I am referring to is the increasing racial abuse, especially on Indians. What with all this skin color stuff!!
In the world we find people with various skin colors: White, grey, brown, reddish, black and so on and so forth. There could actually be a hundred further combinations with the colors I stated. And science tells me that it's all because of the variation of the skin pigment melanin present in our body. 

Yet, history shows us that people have forever seen skin color as a primary determinant of the person's intellect or background or whatever. The human race has seen thousands of years of slavery for the Africans, who were made to work under inhumane conditions and were made the laughing stock of their 'so-called' masters. The women were treated with cruelty and exploited in every way possible. Later they were left to die a painful death. The 'masters' would laugh about and say, "Oh! Its all because of the Dark Ages! Africa would remain like this forever, our slaves..." 

Today, the situations have improved. South Africa, once marked as the haven of racial abuse has undergone a total shift in outlook. I am not sure if there are undercurrents still, but, at least outwardly, the people out there seem to coexist happily irrespective of race. Thanks to people like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who helped bring about a paradigm shift. Today, we have the most charismatic Barack Obama leading USA. Situations have really improved. Common sense has taken over.

But, why does this occur? Why are Indian students being attacked in Australia? I am well aware that this question has been asked by all and sundry. Yet, I can't resist myself! Is it because of:
  • A different skin color?
  • Are Indians inferior in some sense to the natives?
  • Are Indian students criminals?

This message goes out to all of you westerners who are still smitten by the racist bug:
Indian students go out to study away from their home only because they dream of making it big in their future. And guys like Shravan literally beg for money from kith and kin to go there. Indians believe in "atithi devo bhava", meaning here, guests are treated like gods. And we strongly condemn any incident where our international guests have to face trouble or are harassed. But, we expect the same for us as well. It pains to see, young students being attacked with screwdrivers and cabbies being hit brutally. Remember, we are not inferior by any remote stretch of imagination. And... 


Indians do not deserve this.

If there are unruly drug addict alcoholic criminals loitering freely in your nation, I have serious doubts about the law and order situation prevalent out there. Do not call yourself 'developed' then! Probably you can learn a thing or two from our Bihar, which at least knows how to treat its guests. 

I am sure there are people with wisdom. I have myself dealt with Australians a number of times on professional assignments and they were perfect gentlemen. But a drop of ink spoils the milk. So, we the people, who have conscience, should work towards greater harmony amongst ourselves and ensure that 'ink' stays put inside the 'inkpot', do not 'spill over'. 

There are bigger, far worse challenges for humanity. Why don't we devote our attention towards them? When will we stop fighting amongst ourselves? When will Indian students feel safe in Australia?

Can someone answer me please...

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