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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Did your find yourself alone the other day? Did a toughie rough you up? Were you insulted at the office by a man? Did your boss pass lewd remarks for the low cut dress that you wore to office the other day? Do you feel insecure? And finally, DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS?
If you have any doubts, visit the wikipedia link here. It has an exhaustive account of what human rights are all about. The pity is: Only a very few people know their rights well, as a result of which, a vast majority is often taken for granted and exploited to the fullest.

I am not sure about the world, but if India is considered, the following are our fundamental rights [ I am sure, this applies to the world as well] Click on the individual links to have a full description.

  1. Right to Equality
  2. Right to Particular Freedom
  3. Cultural and Educational Rights
  4. Right to Freedom of Religion
  5. Right Against Exploitation and
  6. Right to Constitutional Remedies

All of these sound so rosy on paper, if only they had been administered strictly! Day in and day out, I see numerous incidents in the media crying out for justice, and yet, no one answers the call. The human rights organizations try their level best, but it seems they are cops without arms! Though there are few cases where they have been able to accomplish remedies to problems, there are critical ones involving big guns and then many-a-time, the activists are forced to play in their hands. Is there a way out of this? Difficult to say... The problem lies in the root, so the only way out is to make more and more people aware of it.

Finally, my message to all you people out there: Know your rights well. If necessary, fight for your rights. Do not discriminate based on any factors. Let talent and capability be the only criterion. Let there be no prejudices, no pre-conceived notions, no dearth of brotherhood!

Let us all work together hand in hand towards better earth, a better environment and a brighter future! May humanity be our only identity! May there be light!

Do you have views? Share wih me. You can also write for bloggersunite.

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oorjas said...

This is a good post we must know our rights..

as you said they do sound rsy on paper but rel people mostly don't get relief..

good that you are trying to make people aware..

Chiranjib said...


Hey thanks! "Human rights" is a powerful term, only if we could realize its true essence!

Valerine said...

True we are not aware of many of our rights and then suffer unnecessarily... Tx for the info :)

Irtiza104 said...

Hi, this post was quite informative and well written. knowing our rights is a very good point which many of us often forget. i am glad to see that you have joined bloggersunite. ihave joined too.


Chiranjib said...

@ Valerine
Yes, friend... you're welcome! :)

@ Irtiza104
Welcome to my blog, buddy! Keep visiting! Cya :D

Irtiza104 said...

@Chiranjib, thanks.