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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strawberry - come a little closer

The last few days were terrible. I can bet there were a very few people who were busier than what I was. What with all those trainings and seminars and preparations for a fun-league in office and of course the most important of all: work!

So, an amalgamation of all of these conspired ferociously to keep me out of the Blogosphere and nearly succeeded - only if the weekend had not been round the corner! :)

And therefore, I wish to make amends for all those posts which were never really written, but had been thought about, in those spare moments - which were so hard to get!
By now, you are confused, right? What with the picture of a ....? of a ...? yes, STRAWBERRY!!!
No, I am not a chef - nor do I intend to become one, until and unless I am really compelled to! This is not even a post intended to tell you about some delicious recipe or to let you know how strawberry is really beneficial (or otherwise) for our health! Rather this post is linked to the 'league' (remember, I mentioned it at the start? - 'fun-league in office').
So, in that league - there was the first round held yesterday! And it had dumb charades and pictionary events! Dumb charades went 'okay'. There were two guessers from each team and one enacted. My team did not do too well, but nevertheless we managed to get 2 out of 5 correct. [I wasn't playing in that round by the way]. Now, in the pictionary event, there was one sketcher and two guessers from each team. In our team, I was the sketcher and had to pick up a chit. Guess what! My chit contained 'STRAWBERRY'! Believe it or not, this is one fruit I am not very well accustomed to. I have had flavours of it on numerous occasions - be it chocolates or ice-creams, but never really, I felt the urge to know this fruit better! As a result of which I could not figure out how to draw it! :(
As I was left stranded thinking on the stage in front of that huge canvas with my team members waiting with a bated breath (and my opponents wishing for the worst), I suddenly remembered a faint snap where Penelope Cruz was biting into a strawberry with her eyes suggesting a thousand words! [This fruit denotes passion, for sure!] Now, I remembered the color and the texture! What about the shape! Was it oval or slightly conical or heart shaped - I could not figure! The time was running away - we had only one minute to complete this! I drew. No colors were allowed, so the color 'red' (so characteristic of the fruit) could not be depicted! And the guesses ranged from coconut to wafers to biscuits to grapes! Even when a chocolate was drawn beside it, people remembered chocolate [but not the 'strawberry' flavoured ones! :( ]. Finally the time was up and we had managed to score a big zero!
I was disappointed. I came back to my desk after the event and googled out the images of strawberry to see where I exactly lacked. *sigh*
One thing for sure: I am not forgetting strawberries for the rest of my life!

Image courtesy: http://www.saynotocrack.com/
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