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Saturday, July 11, 2009

An idea gone wrong!

Did you see the recent Idea walk and talk ad? If not, have a look. Here it is on YouTube.

The ad basically features AB junior and insists on the fact that if we walk while talking on the cell phone, we would be able to burn our calories, since it would involve exercise!

But, I felt, this could well be a big blunder, precisely because now, if really people start following it, more and more people would actually use their mobiles and cell phones while on the go, on the street, in the market, in the highways and where not! I remember about a directive which said:
DO NOT USE YOUR MOBILE PHONES WHILE CROSSING THE ROAD and why only while crossing? If you ask me, cell phones and mobiles should not be used when you are on the road, simply because they detract you from probable alert symptoms. What if, there is a speeding truck at your back while you are busy strolling and talking with your sweet heart over the phone! Naturally, your ears would be deaf from the probable horn that the truck driver would blow at the last moment! Do you know what you are doing then? ...in the name of walking while talking? You are putting your life to a grave risk.

I have followed each of Idea's previous ads and have loved their concept and execution! But, I think they have got the latest one featuring Abhishek horribly wrong! What do you think readers?

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partywithneha said...

We talked abt exactly the same thing at home.

Indyeah said...

yep they do seem to have gotten it wrong this time!:/

Chiranjib said...

@ partywithneha

Hey welcome to my blog. Yes, this is worth talking about and we should ensure that people (specially kids) do not take this ad seriously.

@ Indyeah


Varun said...

This is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that ad and looking at the comments above, I guess it has struck everyone that it is a very bad idea... Hope 'Idea' realizes that their Sir jee is wrong this time...

pawan said...

I would like to state an example here, a girl here in Visakhapatnam was run down by train as she didn't hear it coming all the while because she was talking on phone all the time!

I saw the idea ad and was so foolish, but you have a point there mate, it truly sends the wrong message across!

Chiranjib said...

@ Varun

Yes, buddy. That precisely is my point. It's time that the people concerned recognizes the folly and makes necessary changes to the ad.

@ pawan
Welcome to my blog, buddy. Yes, you are correct. There have been innumerable examples where people have lost their lives because of gross negligence. It's time that the people realize their mistake.