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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Synthetic sperms: Future for men?

According to recent developments, scientists have claimed that synthetic sperms can be created out of male stem cells which could revolutionize the way infertility is treated nowadays.

"This is an important development as it will allow researchers to study in detail how sperm forms and lead to a better understanding of infertility in men -- why it happens and what is causing it," said professor Karim Nayernia, who spearheaded the research.
You can read the full article here. A very good breakthrough and would help people cope with male infertility much better in years to come.
But, on a different note, that just made me think, will males really be necessary 'that much'? With the landmark Delhi High Court ruling on same sex relationships and now with this new breakthrough, one just wonders, what is coming up next!

These are a few scenarios which we may see in years to come:

A female only country:
It is said that in some primitive civilizations in remote islands, there used to be only females, no male species whatsoever and those primitive women had no other way out other than satisfying their primitive needs in weird ways. In case they had access to a single male, he would be subjected to lust and greed of the extreme order.
In today's scenario, this could apply to lesbians, who can very well have the children of their dreams through this 'synthetic' technique, although they would require a male for the donation.
In future, due to some unknown reason, if a political heavy weight woman leader demands a separate country only for women, she could actually have it. The women there need not worry, as there would be men employed in the service, who would just work in huge scientific labs just for creating synthetic sperms and facilitating in offspring generation without the need for mating, without the need of any kind of relationship. With more and more women making a choice of being single throughout their lives, this could just be what they ever wanted. A baby without a father. Freedom from all sorts of male oppression and rule, women can finally be free.

Relevance for men?
There could be a huge question mark over the relevance of men. The way people prepare their CVs to get into top organizations, similar CVs would be created to have access to the exotic females. Mass 'campusing' would be organized and the men with the most attractive features stand to win there. The Government would be allotting special budget for 'unmarried' males, on similar lines of 'unemployed' youths. The male child would be hated in families and cases of male foeticide may occur secretly. Special rights groups would hold protests against the inhuman treatment of males and there would be classes for families on why the male child should not be ignored. In some countries, this scientific procedure would be banned and there would be threats issued against nations who go for this. In the new light of threats, the United Nations would hold special all-men sessions to try and find out how these can be handled in the best manner.

Speculations galore. But I just hope that the scientists find out something good for the men as well. I mean why are they so intent on abolishing (or rather diminishing the importance of) most of the male species from this world! LOL

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Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

lol , boy u have an hyperactive imagination . . . I saw a movie on the same lines once , I forgot its name though , there was some biological virus used in a warfare and all men die , it becomes a female only world and the men who miraculously escaped the virus , live in hide outs . . .But not to worry , I really dont see that happening :P

pawan said...


That's what I call weird thinking!
Well, sure the male species are already into a lot of trouble these days and this artificial sperm thingy would only add oil to the fire!

Hope we won't be shunned and abolished by this gruesome invention in the times to come!

Praying to God that this artificial sperm generate only frogs,


Chiranjib said...

@ Fantasies of a Lifetime

Hey, you just relieved me! I could not sleep last night because of the shock of this new finding!

@ pawan

Ya man! I am praying to God as well. By the way, I already have quite a few frogs in my neighbourhood who croak when they are happy and wet. Wonder what the new breed of frogs would look like.

Anonymous said...

now this is some good news.. especially when seen with your idea.. ;-)

Chiranjib said...

@ oorjas
iisshh... I never intended to promote 'such' ideas'! But then, I cannot modify people's thought process.. can I?

Rajkumar said...

your postis very interesting.I like to add you in my blog roll
I welcome you to my blog,leave your valuable comments and your link back is welcomed……….

Chiranjib said...

@ Rajkumar

Welcome to my blog, friend. I would definitely visit yours. Take care and keep visiting.

pawan said...

I have posted a new poem in my blog! Hope you check it!

Well, about the frogs, lets hope the new frogs trouble the scientist species that created the synthetic sperm ;)

Chiranjib said...

@ pawan

Yes, I saw your poem. Wonderfully written.

Regarding the frogs, well, yes, I hope too.. ;)

Online Dating said...

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vimmuuu said...

LOL. Whaaat imagination buddy !!!! Hatss off !!! Its time they devised something for us, na? Something like a robotic wife. LOL.

Btw, I love the new look of your blog. Its so bright and colorful. But I would suggest you to change the bird header, for some reason, looks a lill girlish to me.

Chiranjib said...

@ Vimmuuu

Thanks man! :D Yeah.. I think they should!

Thanks, but somehow, the comments sections are not coming off well.. the left margins are being cropped.. may need to change again..