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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The extraordinary conference


Got an idea! Hey all you guys and gals out there, I have got an absolutely hot idea here.

Tell me how many of you are heart broken. There are many, right? So why don't all of us team up together and see if we can get something viable out of it. A conference where each speaker would be given appropriate chance to spit out his or her thoughts (or stories) and there would be others to listen. There would be separate rooms for unloading your tears and proper drainage mechanisms in place so that the area does not get flooded. There would be stalls providing various varieties of adhesives (mild, strong, quick fix) which would be used to mend the broken hearts. In case adhesives do not work, you can always go for welding, that way the fix would be better. There would be a cafeteria where you can relax after a gloomy day out. The theme music would consist of lots of soulful and sad numbers from Rafi and others who have made a mark in this specialised domain. In case a pair is formed from among the visitors, immediately they would be rusticated and would need to leave the conference. Presently I am looking for a good Guru to spark all of it off! Refer some one's name if you think he / she is capable of handling such a gigantic event! If all else fails, I would nominate people as per my own judgements.

So all you brokes (strictly by heart) out there! ENjoY! It's time to rock and roll!

Let the party begin!!!


PS. This idea is an extended and fun version of this.

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