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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our past lives?

Hello friends,

Today again I felt the urge to jot down my thoughts on my blog. First of all, let me tell you that I updated my story "The Crush" (a romantic fiction) with two new parts. You can read it here. Please note that I am not an established author of stories like few of my blogger friends, rather it's a humble try from my end at writing something new.

Next, I thought about reincarnation again. I found quite a few web resources this time around and went through them in an urge to know more about it! The summary of what I found out is:
Reincarnation is an established phenomena. There are much more evidences in favor of it than I previously thought. As the soul leaves a body forever after death, it either wanders in subtle astral form or looks to reincarnate. Most of the times, when we are born, we do not have the capability to speak or denote our thoughts through gestures. Even if we do, it would be considered as a baby's natural playfulness. Whereas, it seems we are able to remember whatever little possible about our past lives during those formative years. As we grow old , we forget those incidents from the past and our new life memories get etched. It is then that we learn to speak. So, most of us have no clue what had been our deeds in our previous human form. It is almost like a dream. How many times have you dreamt and later on forgotten about it? "Yeah I dreamt about a whale, umm but don't remember exactly what it was..." It is almost like that! There comes the question of memorable death, as I had told in one of my earlier posts. If and only if you have had a memorable death, you are able to remember details of it.

Then there comes the question of past life regression techniques. These techniques typically help you go through your past lives as you attain a super conscious state. I found one here which is a self regression technique. The technique seemed to be pretty similar to a self hypnotherapy session. The body is relaxed and we tend to forget who we are in this life. It is in this super relaxed mode that there is a possibility of us remembering who we had been.
I also came across several startling theories put forward in this regard:

  1. There is life between lives in the sense that after the soul leaves a body, before taking a new human form, it stays somewhere.
  2. A soul can exist in two different bodies at the same time!
  3. As people carry the pain suffered earlier in current life to their late years, they also carry unresolved pain from one life to another which create blocks in proper functioning in current life. Past life healing is said to rectify it!
Skeptics do not believe in these. I met a man few months back who said souls do not exist. Well, it depends on what you believe or do not believe. But truth is always the truth. Otherwise how could one possibly explain the phenomena described in my earlier posts on reincarnation? I wonder what I had been in my earlier life! Will the question stay unanswered? Time will tell!

Image source: http://theunexplainedmysteries.com


Varun said...

I believe in it and have this curiosity to know what I was in my previous life.

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Varun.
Yes, there is definitely something...