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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hush hush

Do you use a chat client in your office? Yes, I mean for official communications? I hope many of you do, right? Now, have you thought how much of it is really productive?
Let me tell you a story. There were two individuals - X and Y. X is female and Y is male. Suddenly it became evident to us all that there was something cooking among the two. Both are colleagues. So I thought, let me sort this out! So I decided to talk to them and X, out of sheer shyness, denied the allegations. In given circumstances, Y also backtracked. The case, I thought, was closed. But, somehow my highly intelligent brain (next only to err... Holmes) could not digest it!

So I decided to keep a watch on both of them. No communication whatsoever! Whatever little, was purely official! So I thought, well well... may be... may be not...
And then what I found out was:
Every day, from dawn to dusk these people would chat on the chat client although they sat next to each other! Can you believe it? Somehow they feel we are all idiots and nothing would be evident!

Now this is what they would typically call "Love for technology" and I would call "Technology for love" ! LOL

Image source: http://www.eycbrant.ca


Varun said...


This is quite common in IT industry! Two of my friends came close to each other only because of the IM client and they are getting married this year :)

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

hmm... let's see where this one goes... :P