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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saraswati Puja

Hey, it is Vasant Panchami today and in Kolkata, we have the Saraswati Puja. For those who do not know about it, in Hindu mythology, Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the eternal power who blesses one and all with education, music, knowledge and wisdom. The 'Puja' is organized in schools, colleges and most households. The weather at this time of the year is also at its very best making it possible for young and old alike, to join in the celebrations. Even we had our own 'Puja' in our flat today morning. And do you know who was the priest?

Guess.. guess...

Yes it was ME!

Not that I am a learned person in Sanskrit or I understand much of the 'stotras' and 'slokas' (scriptures), but the manuals helped a lot. Literally everything was documented and with a bit of help from my parents, I was able to accomplish it well enough! The 'Puja' also required me to be dressed in a different manner with a 'dhoti' and 'kurta'. Those who do not know how to wear a 'dhoti' or do not wear it regularly (like myself) would agree that keeping the whole cloth in place is difficult. It is not at all compact. But believe me, as far as comfort goes, 'dhoti' is the clear winner amongst bermudas, trousers, cargoes and jeans! After the 'Puja' was over, all of us quickly gobbled up the 'prasad'. I was very hungry and was the first to finish whatever was offered to me!

By now, you must have known that I am a BIG foodaholic!

Image source: www.stanford.edu

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