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Friday, January 9, 2009

Will this Titanic sink?

A Titanic in the tech domain. The name itself was enough to command respect and was counted among the 4 giants of the present Indian IT industry. You know who I am talking about. Right?

Yes, Satyam it is!

Did you know that the Sanskrit meaning for Satyam is ‘Truth’? And see what the truth is!

The ruckus has already taken its toll on the psyche of the Indian tech population. So many prints and web pages have already been dedicated to this event. Enough has been said about the letter Mr Raju sent to his Board of Directors. There are many who are already affected: the stakeholders, current employees and many more. However, please spare a thought also for the hundreds of students who had been handpicked from campus earlier this year and were all set to join the bandwagon. There are many who are staring blankly at their future. It is very well known that this is not exactly a boom time for techies. There are many unknown fears lurking in the background and amidst all of these, this new problem would only add salt to the injury.
I only hope and wish that a merger or acquisition would be able to bail the sinking ship out of trouble. After all, there are lots at stake! I will keep fingers crossed and see how the future unfolds!


Varun said...

This is something very sad. I just hope the employees don't suffer.

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

Yes Varun, I hope for the same too...