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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Experimentation and feedback

Hmm... It was kind of an experimentation to see if the 'welcome message' at the top of my blog was being received well by people all over the world. But it seemed to be a distraction. This doubt was further confirmed by preposterous girl, who wrote in a review of my blog at http://www.indiblogger.in/:

Hi Chiranjib..
I loved ur blog..U express well and it seems it is straight from the heart..It is regularly fed as well.. Kudos.. I'm following u now..
But one suggestion.. Whenever we open any post the first thing on the page is ur intro and the post is pushed down so we have to kind of scroll down..that was a distraction for me..When I click on a post ,I just want to read the post..Thats my point of view..

Hmm... well, even I thought the same, so decided to move it to a separate page, so you can now see a Welcome tab beside the Home tab. And you know what, I really wanted to post the welcome message in a backdated format, but did not work out the way I wanted. Anyways, please ignore the 'Welcome' post just below this one. It is a one-off error and would soon find itself in the archives.

Regarding the feedback, well, she has been really generous and kind! Actually you all have been. That is why this blog exists. Thanks again!

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