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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 - Top 10

As promised, here I am with my personal top 10 list of 2008. Not that you would be enjoying reading it very much but I would definitely enjoy sharing it! The list has been compiled in chronogical order and has not been ranked!
1. New year's day 2008 (1st January): In Wockhardt hospital for dad's operation.
2. 6th February 2008: Decided I needed to be more serious about my blog.
3. 14th February 2008: Dull as ever. Thought I was in love with some sweet one, not to be, as I finally found out! hehe..
4. February (I forgot the date): Did our Griha Pravesh.
5. 21st April 2008: Went to IIM campus for a 7-day campus visit and enjoyed thoroughly. Made many friends.
6. 15th September' 2008 >> Lehmann Brothers gone: People still say that the time is not right, well I agree... It all started with Lehmann Brothers. The cycle has started and does not show signs of slowing down as yet.
7. 9th October 2008 >> Durga Puja: This one had to feature here. Had a gala time with my parents as I rushed through many pandals. Specially enjoyed the smiles on their wrinkled features... priceless...
8. 26th November 2008 >> Mumbai massacre: This one hurt me the most. Felt bewildered at how and why people could kill innocent men and women at such ease, celebrating as if there was some trophy to be won! May those responsible be brought to justice!
9. 25th December'2008: Had a nice night out with my cousin brothers. Saw the movie Ghajini. "Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi..." still ringing in my ears... oops! What a contrast!
[if you know what I mean]
10. Waiting for 31st December'2008. I have decided this year I would change the dullness associated with this day. The last two years had been terrible. I WILL change it this time around!!!

Overall, I would say this year had more of salt than sweet in it for me and probably for all of us, Indians! But personally I learned a LOT!

This year taught me how to come out stronger after any and every debacle.
It taught me to fight and fight hard until the last moment.
It taught me that intention to win is more important than winning
....and when you think you are losing, you might actually be winning!

My wishes for the new year:
May the new dawn of 2009 bring peace, prosperity, happiness, well being and justice for all!

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