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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Finally I got the opportunity of being tagged. Thanks to Dineshbabu for this. The rule is pretty simple. If you can remember correctly, with the standard Antakshari, we needed to sing a song starting with the letter which had been the last letter of the previous song sung.
In Commentakshari, you need to pick the starting letter of the word same as the comment number and write 10 words, which are your favorites, starting with that letter.
Quoting Dineshbabu, " For example, if you are the 3rd commentator, you can pick the first letter of the 3rd word in your comment. If you do not have a blog, you can write your words in the comments section. If you do not like to play 'Commentakshari', you can comment on my post but you are free to reject it and move on."
In my case, I was actually the third commentator, and the first letter of the third word of my comment was "R". So, I need to give 10 words that start with "R" and the 10 words that come to my mind are:
Who does not love rain? It brings within me a feeling that is inexplicable!
The 7 colors of the rainbow when displayed in the blue sky is enthralling to watch.
I listen to 'rock' music often!
Oh so romantic! Yes, I am. This word had to feature in this list, simply!!!
The color of blood, the color of intimacy, of passion, of rose, of love and is one of my favorites.
It has been a long time since I last went to a river bank and believe me, it is wonderful just to sit there on the banks and watch the fishermen on their boats, with the sun preparing to set!
Rays are vital! Be they rays of the sun or of hope or even of chemotherapy! They help people to survive! Oh I forgot, the great Satyajit "Ray"!
Talent is raw, until it is polished and moulded. There is something smouldering in everything "raw".
There are many stuffs which are becoming rare. The list is endless. We need to take good care of everything rare.
I am playing versatile roles everyday and some roles camouflage the others as well. Important word!

Huh! Finally I am through. So readers and fellow bloggers, now it's your turn!
Play on! :)