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Friday, December 12, 2008

Shadows playing in the dark

Dark as pitch black
Shadows moving around
As the eyes slowly get accustomed
Slowly the view gets exposed
Two shadows in the dark
Trying to pacify each other,
Console one another,
Probably trying to say," We would not fight, we are friends forever..."
Then again they try to cosy up....
Again the darkness falls,
It becomes difficult to see anything more
Only the faint sound of whispers galore...
The shadows continue to play...
Continue to play...
And suddenly I feel a pain
A lump in my throat
That chokes me...
Did I feel jealous of the shadows?
Did my eyes feel wet?
Did it take extra effort for me to take my eyes away?
And finally, did the shadows look familiar to me?
I get plagued by a gamut of questions!
Sometimes I myself want to become a shadow...
Sometimes I myself want to play...
Sometimes I myself want to whisper...
But there is a time and place for it..
For me, there is none...

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