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Friday, December 19, 2008

What women really want?

Hey all you readers out there! Do you have any idea what women really want out of men? What are their expectations? How to convince them that really there is no bad intention? [not considering cases where men have images like Mogambo]
If you really care for them, they would say,"Why are you bothered?"
If you do not care, they would say,"What a haughty guy! What does he think he is!"
If you want friendship, they would think, 'oh! what a flirt!'
If you do not want friendship, they would think, 'am I not worth of a second look?' [expect tears]
You would think she likes you, but if you go up and propose, expect an answer like, "My God... How did you ever think like that? No, please, this is just not happening" or, "The answer is a straight NO" or, "I have told you before as well, why don't you understand?".
If you do not, she would stare at you in such an innocent manner as if you have committed a sin. Afterall, as one famous lady once commented, "The guys should advance first!"
And rejection is a piece of cake! A secret competition is going on...
Sarita: Hey Anu, how many have you rejected?
Anu: [with an air of superiority] 23
Sarita: Oops! then I have some catch up to do, jaan... last week I rejected one, thus my total is 19
Hmm.... and who are the victims? Ask that boy sitting silently in the dark corner of the park. If you notice closely, he might still be thinking what went wrong! What were his mistakes! And if there was a way to rectify! And then he finds out his ex-flame walking hand in hand with her new found crush! Amazing... isn't it? You girls simply rock!!!

PS. Girls who are reading this post might argue, but statistics won't support you. I can quote the author of a book on relationships, who says, most of the time girls are responsible for break-ups, not boys!


Saumali said...

Wrong wrong wrong!!!!!you know "ek hat e tali baje na..."
at around 70-75% cases boys are responsible for the breakups...actually they never use to say from their own mouth to a girl "ok i don't want to stay with you!!!please leave me..go to hell...but they create such scenes so that a girl.....
Actually 80-85% boys are very skeptic and over possessive..girls are never ready for a breakup unless until they feel feed up with a relationship.
and i think chiranjib there is diff between break-ups a relationship and rejecting someone.
I also hate this type of rejection competition(as mentioned in your topic).
But you have mentioned na ki "If you really care for them, they would say,"Why are you bothered?"
If you do not care, they would say,"What a haughty guy! What does he think he is!""..
From my opinion girls are liked to be cared and pampered by someone...to be a special and most darling of someone...bt sometimes boys are being sooo over caring and over possessive and a skeptic too..those things girls are not like... actually two persons all liking are not possible to be same na..so a small space..a small understanding need to maintain and most of the cases boys are not ready to understand that.

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

hahaha.. :D
well well well...

few observations:
1) please do not put random numbers as percentages, reality is different
2) I agree about the 'diff' part, u r right
3) competition is fictitous... :)
4) you are very confused on the 'caring' and 'possessive' part. How many kgs of 'caring' and litres of 'possessiveness' would be appropriate for an average girl's diet? plz let me know...
5) the rest part was not clear to me... plz clarify once more...