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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have several confusions:

* Are people reincarnated?

* If it is so, why do we not remember it?

* It is true that many people do remember. But how?

Well, sceptics do not believe in reincarnation. It is believed to be the figment of imagination of an idle fertile mind. But over the years, there have been several reports of people being able to accurately remember what had been their previous life like!

The main objections against the reincarnation theory are:

1) If we have indeed reincarnated, why don't we remember it?

2) What is it that transpires after death, since the body is already gone!

3) Most importantly, what is the proof?

The possible explanations are:

1) Only those people who have had memorable deaths remember.

2) The soul is never destroyed and it transpires through lives.

3) Proofs are there. Otherwise how can you explain a little 3 year old baby blurting out how she had been brutally burnt alive with details which were later validated by her relatives (from previous life)?

Still there are loopholes, there are lakhs who have 'memorable' deaths each year, but how many people can you point out who have successfully remembered? Do you remember? Do I remember? But it is a belief! Take it or leave it!

Again, it is a well known fact that the world population is increasing astronomically. If everyone (or most of us) have reincarnated, how is it increasing? It should have remained stable! But this statement can somewhat be nullified by point number 1 above.

However, the concept is not new. There have already been the Jataka tales from Buddhism, where Gautam Buddha had talked about all of his previous lives and how he got into his present life. Other religions also believe in this concept and the variations are minor.
In this connection, let me tell you that the wife of a famous hot shot of Kolkata was murdered brutally by her in-laws. The man is still alive and kicking, as there were not enough proofs available to nail him. And you won't believe, a baby was born few years down the line, who was able to give a line by line account of how everything had occurred, how she suffered, how she had been strangled, how she had been killed! But there were no takers for it. Come on, how can you believe what a 3 and half year old baby has to say!
Again, there was this incident of a child prodigy who gave her board exams while being only 10 years old! The girl did not fare well in the exams, but she sat for it, which was a miracle in itself and no, she had not needed to study for it!
I came across this link. Everything did not seem perfectly logical to me there, but have a look at it. You will find it interesting!
Also, I came across this scholarly article which gives a case by case detailed account of Shanti devi and several other intriguing cases.

But, it does not seem to me that enough research is currently on in this field, at least the world wide web did not offer much, but you bet, this is as interesting as it can get! If I am able to get hold of some more resources, I would post.

Until then, ciao!

Image source: http://dawn.cbcr3.com

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