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Friday, December 19, 2008

The weather is cold, the attitude?

Today I feel an urge to write again after few days of sketching and painting with Microsoft Paint. Winter has finally arrived in Kolkata and the days are very chilly especially in the mornings. Waking up is a menace and I feel extremely uncomfortable leaving the comfort hug of my blanket. I am sure most of you would be feeling the same (people living in similar latitudes and longitudes). And with winter, come the days of merry making, Christmas and Santa and cake and pastry (wow)... Being a foodie, I just love 'em.

Then again, there is music.
Silent night, holy night...
soothes the soul, intoxicates the mind, helps forget the pains, reminds us that we are far more privileged, far more happier, far more accomplished than some of those less privileged ones, those who sleep on the lanes throughout the night. Leave alone cakes and pastries, they are not sure of two square meals a day. They are sad, gloomy. Few of them turn towards crime, few destroy themselves.
We move around in our 'stretched limousines' and rarely glance over the other end of the glass window to see what the reality is! Do we?
"Who cares! I am happy blogging, orkutting, flirting, booing others... doing a 24*7 duty. I am busy, man! What more do I want! To hell with all those people... Let they take care of themselves... Let the Government and politicians and police be blamed..."

Think about it! Is there something we can do? A consolidated effort?

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