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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blogging as a concept

I started blogging seriously only one and a half years back and since then, I have been constantly babbling about a variety of stuffs, feigning to be a know-all person, which I definitely am not! But blogging gave me a kinda stage to vent out my thoughts and give it a proper channel, so that people may read the stuffs and comment on whether I am in the right direction and even I may get proper feedback on my posts. I also got a feel of connecting to the world surpassing boundaries of race, culture, creed and nationality, which I thought, was so refreshing to the mind and soul!

The main difference between blogging and social networking is, blogging goes out to the world (until and unless, you are determined to keep your world private). It is like a radio, broadcasting programmes to a wide range of audience. If you like it, tune in, else just move on! That's it! And in the process if you start liking a channel (read blog), simply bookmark it, or add to the blog roll. Social networking sites, on the other hand, are mainly there to establish rapport with people, be it personal or professional.

Unfortunately the concept of blogging has not gone down very well with several sections of the people. Many of them still confuse blogging with social networking, although the two are markedly different! There are many who feel adding a blog to a blog roll implies the blogger is trying to establish a sort of a rapport or a connection with the author, which is why I feel blogging is limited to circles of people. There are really very few dudes who have been able to break the bounds and look beyond the wall.

Today I see a blog, I like it (at least I have no reasons to not like it), but I don't add it. Why? Because if I add it, it might imply I am trying to network or establish a connection with the other blogger! I mean, what bullshit! Today if I add links to Google or Yahoo in my favorites folder, should it imply I want friendship with their CEOs??? The blogs which you see on my blog roll are there solely because of the contents of those blogs and it should be like that! I hardly know any of their authors personally. Yet, I regularly comment on their blogs! No acquaintances, no networking, selection should be based only on contents!

But typical narrow minded conservative people do not get the differences clearly enough!

Mentos, anyone?

PS. There is a specific reason why I posted this. I do not mean to offend anyone, but facts should be out of closets for everyone to see!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry dude! The CEO of MirrorCracked Labs is quite impressed with your blog! :)
He'll bail you out of trouble!

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

Hey thanks man! :)