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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Corporate Love Birds

Pitch black darkness inside my office bus. It was 8:20pm at night and supposedly, I was the only passenger aboard. Dropped down my backpack with a certain amount of relief, folded up my specs and neatly wrapped with a small cotton cloth that I always carry. I felt good, going home at last. The fact that I was the only one aboard egged me on into starting a folk song. Well, as I cleared my throat and was about to begin the first line, that I found I was not the only one aboard. In fact I had almost succeeded in breaking the sweet honeymoon that a couple close by was engaged in. Thankfully, I was quick to understand my mistake and settled down as fast as possible without looking back, pretending not to notice.

Just a thought, is it becoming increasingly difficult for love birds to find a suitable happy hunting ground? And is the civic society being encroached upon as a result? Questions for you, readers. Pour your hearts out!

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Varun said...

That is ridiculous! They need to find a better place. If the urge was so uncontrollable, they should have got down, got to someone's place and then continued their honeymoon.

Chiranjib said...


umm... well.. :D
"pyaar mein rukavat nahi aani chahiye"
remember airtel? ;)

vimmuuu said...

U shudve told them " Get a room, you idiots" LOL

Indyeah said...

yes, civil society is coming more and more under threat....freedoms are being curtailed....

On a diff note I agree with Vimmuu :D

Chiranjib said...

@ vimmuuu

yeah.. :D

@ Indyeah