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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The feat of the Indian Navy

Wow... another of those incidents when the Indian Navy showed its class. Most of you must have read about the recent incident when the air borne marine commandos saved the Liberian merchant ship MV Maud from the hand of Somali pirates. Those who have not, here is the link. Go through it and feel proud.

Well, the Indian Navy has really come a long way since the day of its inception in 1612. Today, the navy has an enviable fleet of warships and destroyers which are capable of disarming any potential threat. And the most potent of all is the crew of naval staffs and officers who have taken every pain to guard the Indian coastline.
But, it was not all roses for these maritime warriors. The Indian navy came in for a lot of flak for their inability to detect and stop the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai massacre, when the terrorists hijacked the fishing trawler Kuber and entered the metropolitan through the sea route.
But their marine commandos, better known as the MARCOS did a fabulous job along with the police and NSG in eliminating all the terrorists, except the only one captured.
All in all, the scar of the Mumbai attacks and other atrocities on India shall remain forever, but, to the men who brave all odds to save our life and property and protect our motherland, we salute and bow with deep gratitude!

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Image source: en.wikipedia.org

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