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Monday, May 18, 2009


Oh great beyond
Why do I forget every time
That you are out of my reach
That there is an eternal difference of actual
With the virtual
That there shall forever remain
Howsoever small a distance
A distance that is insurmountable...

1 2 3 cha cha cha
4 5 6 cha cha cha
And the list goes on...
I jump from one rock to another
Much like that old frog
On a rainy night... **croak croak**
Little time to rest on a single one
And yet, I look back to see where I had last been...
Confused thoughts of a confused soul...

The days gone by
Were the ones with the golden tinge...
Wish them back...
So much so...
And yet,
There is a distance that is insurmountable...
Confused thoughts of a confused soul...

PS. That was a meaningless mystery of words. Totally meaningless?

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Indyeah said...

not meaningless...did reflect your state of mind :D
but seriously since I too write such stuff from tiem to time..so yeah totally get it

Chiranjib said...


Glad... that you got it.. :)