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Monday, May 25, 2009

'Aila' on in full swing

The monsoon has come in thick and fast in West Bengal and Orissa. The 'Aila' is taking a big toll on the people out here, especially the poor fisherman, some of whom made the mistake of venturing out into the wild sea. As I am writing this post, it's extremely dark outside, with the wind flowing with full gusto.

I left the office today at 4:00 PM riding on the high alert input. In fact most of my colleagues left round about then. But, unlucky me! The bus did not arrive on time and I was left stranded in the rain and wind for one hour. At times, it seemed I would be swept off my feet, but thanks to my 76 kgs of body weight. I was not. However, all this ordeal left be drenched and exhausted, with my dear umbrella having the toughest time of its life! Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel. And I was picked up for good.

Had a lovely dinner some time back, consisting of khichdi, beguni, fish and a cauliflower dish. But I shiver to think of those fishermen who make a daily living out of the sea and some of whom have braved all odds and taken on the cyclone. May God save them.

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Valerine said...

Well I took got drenched id the rain last week...Was a crazy downpour.....But then its fun ..How often do we get to enjoy the nature like this!

Chiranjib said...


Yes, that's true! :D
Rain and breeze is always nice...
But cyclone, uuhhh... its terrible! :(