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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Smart Politician

I had an ordinary day today. Oh. There was a funny incident as I was returning back home. As you are aware, these days there are lots of political campaigns going on and believe me, no sound (or 'decibel') restrictions are followed. The leaders (lean, fat, short, tall, fair, dark, old and young alike) shout like anything and pretend to know anything and everything about Indian politics, history, economics, geography and you name a subject and they know it. Few weeks back, there were such statements from one such 'know-all' person, that I tended to forget what I had learned in the good, old NCERT books in school. Anyways, today's incident was different.
As I was turning towards my apartment, I saw a 'leader' shouting at the top of his voice on the microphone. There were at least 40 chairs lined up in front of him, out of which (sadly), only 5 were filled up (you know by whom). In the midst of his 'revolutionary' speech, suddenly he fumbled and started searching for words. Probably he had run out of ideas and then, it happened. He saw me, smiled and felt rejuvenated. He began,"Yes, we all know what has been done for the Information Technology sector.... blah blah blah" Thanks to my attire and backpack. He had well understood my profession and used it to good effect.
Conclusion: Politicians, these days, are very smart!

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Indyeah said...

:D HE took inspiration from you?:D
ha ha! that was a good one! yep they have become smarter these days...but seriously...I mean only 5 people?and he still spoke?:D
have to give it to these people :D

Chiranjib said...


Yeah... :D
I am serious. There were only 5 people. :D

vimmuuu said...

Smart ass, oops, politician. Oh, who am I kidding? Its one and the same !!!

Im happy you werent in ur shorts when he saw you ! wonder what he would have said then :D

Chiranjib said...


Lets put ideas to rest for now, coz this could end in muddy waters... muddier than you could possibly imagine :)

Shrimp Guy said...

Information Technology huh? Tell me, how does a person from IT clothe himself differently from any other professional?

Chiranjib said...

@Shrimp Guy

I think I said, "Thanks to my attire and backpack." Apart from the attire, note that I also used the word 'backpack' here. What you don't know is, it has the name of my organization printed in real BIG letters! So, does that clear your doubts?

Shrimp Guy said...

Yes Boss! I hear you. By the way, my laptop bag screams in not too small fonts, 'I'M A PC'. So does that make 'me' a PC?

Chiranjib said...

@Shrimp Guy

hahahahahahahahaha.. :D
Well, if you are intent on making this post look fool, I can't help! But is that an intelligent piece of argument? :D
... no offence meant :D