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Saturday, May 30, 2009

About me

Welcome to the world of Chiranjib Mazumdar. This blog was created by accident, when during a chat with one of my seniors from school, Partha Pratim Sanyal, he suggested me about writing a blog. That was way back in 2007. I was initially clueless as to what kind of articles should be written and so, you will find some articles from eminent authors in place during the first few months. Only, later I got the real essence of blogging and the power that it imparts. And I started 'real blogging'.
"Going out to the world" is such a lovely concept and over the last one, one and a half years, I have tried creating a niche out for myself. I don't know how much successful I have been, but whatever little, it's all because of you, readers.
Thanks ! Thanks for visiting and commenting! They really inspire!

Some more facts about me, in case you are interested ;)


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So that's it and all.

For you, the new visitor, go around this blog and click through any and every link that you find interesting or which may interest you. And leave comments and feedback.And yes, if you find something objectionable on this blog, drop me a note at chiranjibmazumdar1@gmail.com and I would review and remove, if applicable.

Nov 26, 2014 - Off late I am intrigued by the passion for photography. You can find my page on Facebook here. I also have a digital presence in YouPic. Please do like and share if you like my work.

Signing off...
With regards and love,

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