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Monday, May 25, 2009

End of IPL 2

Yesterday marked the end of IPL season 2 - a tournament marked by intense action over a one month duration. Full credits to Mr. Lalit Modi for organizing it, the way he did. And South Africa played a lovely host. As said by Mr Jacob Zumi, the honorable president, "If there are requirements, we would host such tournaments again." And he also mentioned how benefited South Africa had been, in terms of the attention and limelight and potential boost to tourism and sports among others. He, for sure, was correct. The closing ceremony was fantastic with power packed performances by the Phoenix fire dancers, Akon, (our very own) Katrina Kaif and the legendary Eddy Grunt. I specially liked the phase where the musical rendering of "Raghupati raghava raja ram..." was done, beautifully, probably as a sort of a tribute to Gandhiji and reiterating the historical relationship that India has had with South Africa.

Looking back, IPL saw quite a few revelations this year:

1) At the top is the emergence of a blog "Fake IPL Player". The blogger fooled almost everyone with his insane comments and (fictitious) accounts of what happened in the KKR dressing room, day in and day out. It is not clear as to his motive of maligning the team and its owner, but one, for sure, enjoyed his sarcastic comments and nicknames given to players, starting from Bhookha Nan to Appam Chutiya. The blog showed a meteoric rise in viewership within a duration of 1 and a half months. The blogger apparently was NOT a player, NOT a support staff and NOT even remotely associated with cricket, but he shared the limelight in his own way, basking in the "reflected glory".
2) Next came the unimaginable minuscule performance of the KKR - a team which showed itself as a tiger before and played like a rat. No team spirit, failed 4-captaincy theory, no unity and no urge to win. One was left wondering if match fixing is back, big time! Whatever be it, some of the midas touch was back in the last two matches, if only......
3) Yes, the Deccan Chargers have done it! I knew it from the time they played their first match against the KKR and I had mentioned that here. Full marks to Gilly not only for the batting that only he can do, but also for the way he inspired ordinary players into performing like superstars. Take the case of Harmeet Singh and you would know what I mean. My only concern like many others is, why the hell did he retire? It happens only in Australia!!!
From my perspective, these three were the main highlights of this edition and yes, I am waiting for the Champions League T20 scheduled for October' 09. Boy, that's gonna be some fun! ...not to mention the T20 World Cup coming up!

So, all you cricket lovers out there, fasten your seat belts, we are gonna have a crazy ride this year!

Image courtesy: http://www.iplt20.com/

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